Estimate Guide

This guide is based upon over a decade of moving experience. Its purpose is to help you estimate the approximate time and the number of movers its going to take to move your belongings. Nothing is exact however this guide should greatly improve your ability to plan and prepare for what type of day you’re going to have. As you look through, the point is to see your move from 360 degrees. In order to estimate properly you must factor in as much as possible. Factors to think about include but are not limited to:

Amount of furniture - Stairs - Long Walks - Furniture disassembly and assembly - Drive time

Elevators - Parking - Access in and out of doors - Extremely Heavy Items - Weather -

Closing times and document signing

As you read further please consider the above factors:

Studio/1bedroom (One Truck) - A normal 1bedroom is a 2-4hr job for 2men. Even if its on a 3rd floor a normal 1bedroom is 2-4hrs. The only time we would recommend more than two men on a 1bedroom is if you have an extremely long walk, and a lot of abnormally heavy items.

2Bedroom (One Truck) - A normal 2bedroom is a two to three man job and would normally be 4-6hrs for two men and 3-5hrs for three men. Factors that would determine if we would recommend 2 or 3 men would be long flights of stairs, elevators, long walks, long drives. A 3rd man is great for elevators, long walks and long flights of stairs because you can create a very efficient chain of work which helps a move go smooth. If you have a very long drive in-between homes or from our office to yours you may not want to use a 3rd man to save money on drive time. However if you have a lot if items and a lot of work a 3rd man will be beneficial regardless of the money you could save through drive time.

3bedroom (Usually 1 truck but possibly 2) - A normal 3bedroom is a 3 man 6-8hr job. Most 3bedroom jobs are homes with basements, living, dining etc…Our reason in pointing this out is that most homes have easier access than apartments because you can go in and out of the front door. If you have a 3bedroom apartment elevators and long walks can easily add a couple to a few more hours on your job. 3bedroom apartments don’t have basements so time spent moving houses can be saved in that regard. (Some 3bedrooms require a 4th or 5th man depending on size and amount of furniture

4bedroom + (1-3Trucks depending on size. Usually 2) - 4bedroom homes and larger are usually 4-6men 2truck jobs that go 8-10hrs. On most 4bedrooms and larger we would request an in-home estimate so that we can give you a written account of what it will take to move the home. During the estimate we can also gauge the man power you need to complete your job in 8hrs if possible. (We do many jobs that are 8hrs or longer we just attempt to keep jobs 8hrs or under if possible to save the customer from overtime fees.)