Move in/ Move Out Cleans
($30per hour per cleaner/Must have 2 cleaners for 2bedrooms and above)
Vacumm/Wash all floors
Remove Cobwebs
Clean Baseboards
Clean Window Frames
Clean All Bathrooms
Clean Kitchen
Clean Light Fixtures 
Clean Ceiling Fans
Clean all glass surfaces
Clean inside of closets
Clean inside of oven
Clean Refrigerator and freezer
Clean inside/outside kitchen and bathroom cabinets/drawers
Clean all counters and outside appliaces 
Clean Inside windows
*This is one of the most thorough cleans we provide and includes all of the services listed in the maintenance and initial clean.

Maintenance Home Cleanings (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
($30per hour per cleaner)
Once two Maintenance cleans are performed a flat rate fee can be negotiated.

​-Remove Cobwebs 
-Vacumm all carpets
-Change sheets if needed
-Dust Ceiling Fans
-Clean Mirrors and Glass Surfaces
-Wipe Window Sills/Clean Glass Doors
-Clean Prints on Windows/Doors
-Remove all garbage
-Reline Waste Baskets/Wash all Floors

- Clean/Sanitize Sinks
-Clean/Sanatize tubs, showers, toilets
-Clean Mirrors
-Dust Light Fixtures and bulbs
-Wash Floors

​-Clean all counter tops
-Clean inside/outside Microwaves
-Wipe down cabinet facings 
-Clean all appliances outside
-Polish Stainless Steel Appliances
-Clean Glass Doors
-Clean/Sanitize/Polish Sinks
-Wash Floors

*We can tailor all of our services to fit your needs and your home. If you would like a service that you don't see please let us know. For maintenance and initial cleans the refrigerator and oven are a separate charge.

Initial Home Clean
($30per hour per cleaner)
Initial home cleanings include all of the services performed during maintenance cleanings, plus the following:
-Clean all wall hangings
-Re-move books and clean bookshelves
-Wet wash baseboards and door facings
-Clean WIndow Sills
-Clean Light Fixtures
-Clean Outsides of cabinets in kitchen and bathroom
-Clean Ceiling Fans
-Dust Vents
-Vacuum/Sweep under beds and furniture (If Accessible)

Don't give an arm and a leg to Move or Clean your home or belongings. Call us at 720.629.3048 and take care of it all!
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